Made of powder-coated anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

Facilitates and secures the transport, loading and unloading of ladders and stepladders.

Industry leader in trucks ergonomic roof racks since 1992. 

Our design philosophy is based on workers – How can we make their work safer, easier and more comfortable, while minimizing fatigue and the possibility of accidents? We firmly believe that with our high-level design combined with quality materials, our products will enhance your daily professional performance.


Light, safe and easy to use

Available for compact and full-size vans in various configurations. The ErgoRack is ideal for reducing muscle stress, eliminating the risk of injury and facilitating the loading and unloading of ladders and stepladders from your truck or van.

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Description :

Full size truck utility roof rack

Large versatile rear-loading rack

The AluRack is a rear loading roof rack that has a unique roll bar that simplifies merchandise loading.

Whether plywood sheets, drywall, pipes and even kayaks or canoes for the weekend, the Alurack is your solution. The lightweight but sturdy design can carry all your goods.

PrimeDesign Allurack NIssan NV200Ford Transit AluRack pour fourgonFord F150 Alurack SupportMercedes Metris Prime Design AluRack

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