Pickup Caps

With the professional “look” that suits you.

Pickup Drawers, Accessories & Bedsliders

Maximize the storage space of your truck box for work or leisure.

Pickup Caps

With the professional “look” that suits you.

Pickup Drawers, Accessories & Bedsliders

Maximize the storage space of your truck box for work or leisure.

Pickup Truck Caps & Covers

Give your pickup truck the professional “look” that suits you.

Thanks to its stylized lines, attention to details and its design that follows the pickup truck model, each fiberglass cap enhances the style of your pickup truck.

The result: each truck cap improves the look of the pickup truck while protecting and securing its load.

Pickup Truck Caps or Tonneaus Models:

Leer 100RBoite Camion SILVERADO 100XL

This model allows you to transport all your equipment in total security. It offers added value and gives a beautiful appearance to your truck. Includes a 50/50 sliding windows with mosquito nets as well as a two “T” handles with locks rear door, an interior ceiling light and a central brake light.

Leer 100XR

Boite Camion Leer 100XR
This model combines convenience with its 50/50 sliding side windows with mosquito nets providing a maximum ventilation and the style of a fully glazed rear door carrying an automatic locking system.

Leer 100XL

Boite Camion Leer XLGet an SUV look with its curved rear door with an automatic locking system. Its side windows provide pure style while benefiting from the mosquito nets. Definitely the most popular in its range.

Leer 100XQ

Boite Camion Leer XQOne of the main characteristics of this high-end truck cap is its hidden handles. You benefit  also from an automatic locking system on the central handle. Its unique full size side windows ensure the best body style integration of your truck. An interior carpet finish is also available as standard equipment.

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Leer 180

Boite Camion Sureleve Leer 180This model increased height allows for large load transportations. It offers a 15% more height space compared to the cab-height models. The 180 model features a 50/50 sliding windows with mosquito nets as well as a two “T” handles with locks rear door, an interior ceiling light and a central brake light. The 180 is also available in 180XR and 180XL versions, offering different side windows and rear doors options.

Leer 122

Boite Camion Sureleve Leer 122This model adopts all that the best of our cab-height caps, while offering greater visibility and storage space. The oversized door and the extra height mean more loading capacity and free space. If you need secured storage space to carry bulky items, the tall, aerodynamic design of the Leer 122 can do things that no other truck caps can. Hunters, fishermen and workers …. This truck cap will suit you perfectly.

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LEER 550 Tonneau Model

Couvert Boite De Camion Leer 550The new 550 is a dramatic low-profile expanse of gleaming fiberglass with the custom fit and reliable performance you need. And now, you get a convenient rear-mounted flip-Lock handle with rotary latches, gas props with adjustable SuperLift assist, LEER 4-bar hinges, and a front-mounted FlexSeal. All the features you want … without the hassle you don’t.

LEER 700 Tonneau Model

Couvert Boite Camion Leer 700Say goodbye to boring tonneaus and say hello to style lines and high-dimension details that will capture the essence of your pickup truck. As standard equipment, you will get a central rear-mounted flip-Lock handle with rotary latches with self-closing system as well as an interior carpet finish. If you want to transport, protect and secure equipment while maintaining the aerodynamic profile of your pickup truck as much as possible, get the best, the original high-dimension tonneau, the famous LEER 700.

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LEER 100RCC & 180CC

Boite Camion Commercial Leer 180CC Boite Camion Leer Commercial 100RCCLike they 100R and the 180 siblings, the LEER 100RCC and 180CC commercial caps are made of fiberglass but have a reinforced roof to suit tough commercial requirements. Therefore you have the choice between a streamlined, elegant model (the 100RCC) or halfway up offering more storage space as well as a larger rear opening. These two models also offer countless options, including fiberglass side doors. Standard features (100RCC & 180CC) are:

  • Robust fiberglass rails.
  • Manufactured upper level fiberglass shell.
  • Interior carpet finish.
  • Reinforced structure.
  • Interior light.
  • Solid strengthen and secured sides. (no window)
  • “LED” style rear brake light.
  • Rear door with two secure “T” handles and secure “T”.
  • Pickup matching paint.
  • 5-year limited warranty on structure and paint.


Boite Camion Commercial Leer DCCDCC LEER commercial pickup caps are constructed from lightweight, rugged aluminum and offer countless options and configurations to suit any pickup or specific industry applications. Whether you need a cap at cabin height, mid-height or a high roof, the DCC will meet your needs.

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 Boites de caisse pour camion FORD Boites de caisse pour camion GMC  Boites de caisse pour camion TOYOTA Boites de caisse pour camion Dodge

Here’s a few Pickup Truck possibilities

Sports & Leisure

Decked storage drawers

Pickup Storage for work or leisure …

Your work and leisure items require a lot of space? With Decked drawers and products you can transport your hunting and / or fishing equipment, your skis or boards, your bags or your camping equipment without any problem. Whether by the lake, the sea or in the mountains, you can easily bring everything, including your girlfriend.

Decked products are also waterproof allowing you to transform them into coolers if necessary. It’s up to you.

So how are you going to use your Decked?

Plateforme pour camion

Pickup Bed sliding platforms for easy & quick access…

Transporting and accessing your parts and tools should be easy and safe. After years of searching for the right solution, here is the ideal sliding platform for you.

Being more efficient and work with less effort gives you more time and energy to do what you really love.

Your time is valuable.

Sports & Leisure

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